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Can Paulino Rosen

Here we present you our lovely animals

We live together like a big happy family but each and everyone of us is unique and different.
Keep reading and fall in love.

The sweetheart

We adopted Trudi from the Calvia animal shelter when she was very ill. She is a very friendly and funny dog. An absolute cuddly cheek who also gets along with all dogs and cats.

The happy

Lotti came to us as a foster dog to recover from her previously not so good life. She has settled in so well that she is now part of the family.

The foody

Jesper is Fanny’s son. He is now back since a few years at his place of birth: Can Paulino. He loves walks and cuddles.

The charmer

Freddy loves to walk and crazy in love with his friend Linda. The two are inseparable.

The youngster

Linda is only 5 years old and has many silly ideas. Good that Freddy is always there to keep her in control.

The baby

Hubert is the newest member of the Can Paulino family. He found us all by himself, just showing up the finca. He is very friendly and gentle, just loves to please everybody.

The oldie

Olli is a belgian Warmblood and she is 26 years old. She was our first horse and has been brought from Germany.

The funny

Finny is an Icelander / Arabian and she is 12 years old. She is an all-rounder and loves to ride with children and adults.

The sensitive

Nikita is a Quarter Pony and she is 19 years old. She is very sensitive and feel most comfortable when all the mares are around.

The beauty

Lilly is a 15 years old PRE mare. She is reliable and lovable in class and on horseback. She is the goddaughter of Patricia & Leonard.

The boss

Theo is a beautiful Racehorse and he is 7 years old. He is the boss of all mares and the best friends of the donkeys.

The playful

Erwin came to the finca a few months ago as a baby. In the meantime, he has become the martial artist and absolute favorite of the guests. He is just friendly and loves company.

The pretty

Clara is a beautiful little cuddler and loves to visit the guests and gives them some loving.

The spy

Lena loves horses and loves dogs even more. She lives in the barn and looks after things in there. She is always very happy about visits.

The fluffy

Pau is the most harmonious and kindest cat ever. He wants to be friend with humans and with animals as well.

The curious

Franz full name is Franz Brötchen and he is a faithful friend. He patrols the whole area.

The cosy

Ursula is very freedom-loving and she lives outside in the bodega area. Nevertheless she is happy to get picked up and stroked.

The visitor

Agnes is Ursula’s friend and occasionally comes by for some treats and to meet with friendly people.

The rider

Abi just showed up one day and decided to stay. He is happy to have company and enjoys life now.

Can Paulino Rosen

In Memoriam



Our beautiful Niko was really happy to be always around everyone. He was an enthusiastic swimmer and a real friend for life.



Our big lion had always taken full care of all those who have entered the finca. He was our guardian and always on a sentinel duty.



Our white lady had a heart of gold, she always wanted to do the right thing. She was the best friend you could have.



He was the most faithful companion of the world on every horseback and every hike. He was the absolute favorite of the guests and always in a good mood.



Jupp was a small fighter. We found him as a baby (100g only) and he didn’t take it easy not having a good health.



Lisa was our loving guard dog. She got along with everyone who spent time on the finca. With her you always felt save and at home.



Fanny was the good soul of the Finca. With her 42 years she was the oldest and the absolute boss. She knew Can Paulino like no one else and was allowed to be wherever she wanted, even with the guests.



Linus was the godchild of Evy and Claudia and spends most of this time in a quiet place on the sun.



Zorro was the darling of all guests and the world best mouse hunter.


† 05.08.2019

Liska was the lead mare and my local companion for 14 years. She was my soul horse and teacher in riding as well was in life.


† 17.10.2019

Jacob was sometimes a little nervous but once he had confidence, he was the biggest cuddler.


† 15.07.2020

Sophie loved children a lot and was always available for cuddles. 


† 19.10.2020

Manni was a loyal companion and protects the finca. He was very friendly and loves to romp around all day.


† 14.09.2022

Viola was a miniature horse and she is 21 years old. She was the star among the children and always up for a ride or some treats.

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