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In the past ten years we have been able to give a lot of animals a nice home. Some dogs and cats we could transmission to dear people in Germany. The dogs and cats usually came to us from the street, the horses and donkeys from poor living conditions or they were just “no good use” anymore.

Our old donkey Fanny (41 years) is an exception here, she was already here and came with the finca.

We would like to mention that we are not “animal collectors”, rather we take in as many, as place or time we have (everyone needs care and attention) and financially we can afford.

Since some of our proteges are slowly getting old, some of the medical bill slightly higher than the other and the food becomes more specific.

That is why we happily accept sponsorship from who like to support the on-site animal welfare.
Of course all our “godparents” also receives an individual sponsorship certificate.

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