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Refresh your body and soul!

Take your time and let us pamper you with our offers.


Take time for yourself and let us spoil you with a relaxing massage:

Wellness massage € 80 / 75 Minutes
Caress your body with rich oils; classic massage techniques and selected energy points can relax both body and soul.

Foot reflexology massage € 80 / 75 Minutes
A special technique stimulates the peripheral ends of nerves in the feet and forwards the impulse to the corresponding organ in the body, this stimulates the body’s self-healing powers.

Metamorphic Massage € 80 / 75 Minutes
The main goal of this massage is to eliminate possible traumas that have been stored in the cell memory during the period from conception to birth.
A caress for the soul.

Shiatsu massage € 80 / 75 Minutes
The meridians along the whole body are gently treated. A combination of massage, acupressure and stretches to specifically harmonize Yin and Yang.

Panchakarma € 80 / 75 Minutes
Soothing, warm aromatic oils and soft, harmonic strokes, combined with the rhythmic stimulation of the Marma points brings the body to a unique state of deep relaxation.


    Access Bars®
    with gentle touches great results
    Access Bars first treatment € 95
    Each additional treatments € 70 / 75 Minutes

    Studies show that the following changes occur after a bar session:
    – a calming thought flow – a reduction in possible stress symptoms – an increase in the energy level – a much faster recovery – a more intense relationship – a solution to physical or mental blockages – noticeably more ease and joy in life

    Access Bars

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