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Can Paulino Rosen

Healthy holiday on an organic farm

Can Paulino offers all nature-loving guests a relaxing retreat holiday.

Especially in this somewhat difficult time it has become clear that a lot of space is the best thing for our guests.
The purely organic farm has four separate accommodation for a maximum of 10 guests and is located on an area of 7 hectares. Every vacationer has his private outdoor area and retreat.

At breakfast, our guests can choose between a vegetarian or vegan option. The tables in the beautiful, cozy garden are at a sufficient distance from each other and the general space on the premises is huge.

As a bio-finca, no spraying agents or fertilizers are used, some areas remain completely natural for example for the sake of nature in order to offer bees etc. a habitat. As a fertilizer supplier, we have our six horses and four donkeys 🙂 You can find pictures of all our animals including dogs and cats here.

Can Paulino Rosen

Here are a few more important facts:

  • 85% of our guests are repeat guests or regular guests

  • Oasis to slow down & relax
  • Healthy air, peace and no mass tourism
  • Each guest has their own private outdoor area
  • BBQ area & campfire
  • Lemon garden
  • Walks on the finca grounds
  • Protected pool area

Our finca has been a certified organic finca since 2012

Our guests can enjoy figs, almonds, lemons and oranges from our organic gardens.


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