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Can Paulino Rosen

At Can Paulino your horse is in the first place!

Whether you want to permanently accommodate your horse or just looking for a holiday care.


We offer your horses a lot of space on various large paddocks, high quality food and herding. During the day the horses enjoy the life on the paddocks and at night everybody has their own box with attached, private paddock. In the boxes there is joint-gentle flooring so that the horses can stand comfortable and  relaxed.

The horses are never alone, there is always someone present from the team at the facility. So you always have the certainty that someone is looking out for your horses. Any changes / abnormalities can be noticed immediately.

If your horses need special care, food or something similar, please contact us. For us there is no horse like the other and we always happy to help further.

Our service package for your horses includes:

– open boxes with rubber trays & automatic drinkers
– very large paddocks
– several times daily roughage
– muesli from Pavo
– daily mopping (dry / wet)
– to put on and take off rugs (for example when it rains)
– to put on fly masks
– use of the riding arena
– gallop track 0.5km
– tack room with private locker
– free parking
– toilet and shower for the riders

Our veterinarian Dr. Susanna Kühn and Hufschmied Oleg will take care of your horse.
Saddler Michael Henn comes to the finca once a year for saddle control. Saddle corrections made generally right here at Can Paulino.

Dr. Susanna Kühn

Hufschmied Oleg

Michael Henn

Horse boarding