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Cookies for my soul


A highlight for the whole family with Roswitha from Can Paulino

Mallorca’s nature is special: especially diverse, especially wild, especially impressive. From the beaches and coasts to the heights of the Tramuntna Mountains, you will find sand, meadows, fields, forests and mountains. The best way to explore all of this is by walking or hiking. So you can immerse yourself perfectly in the nature of the island. An excursion becomes a very special experience when accompanied by a donkey: At Finca Can Paulino you can book a cuddly companion and experience a special kind of walk with him by your side: a donkey hike on Mallorca!

The organic finca Can Paulino offers donkey hikes in Mallorca

Looking for a special experience with our junior in nature, I came across Roswitha’s donkey and organic finca. She runs the enchanting finca hotel Can Paulino near Llucmajor and also offers very special excursions with her cuddly donkeys for non-guests. Whether a 2-hour tour in the area around the finca or a 4-hour tour – there is something for everyone. Because anyone who thinks that a tour with the furry four-legged friends is an “easy walk” will be sore. It’s not for nothing that the phrase “stubborn as a donkey” – SPOILER! In any case, a donkey hike in Mallorca is something very special!

Donkey walks in Mallorca for long-eared fans

So we meet Roswitha on a sunny March day at her finca and we are immediately enthusiastic about her open manner. We are introduced to the donkeys Hubert and Jasper, with whom we all immediately fall in love. Hubert and Jasper are now our companions for our 2-hour tour. We’re going for a walk right away. Jasper is a bit older and cozier and so the junior is allowed to lead the cuddly guy on his own. My husband and I take turns taking Hubert and helping the rocker on the hike with Jesper.
Roswitha walks with us in the area around Llucmajor through nature, small wooded areas, shady paths, past flower meadows. She tells us that she also accompanies managers on donkey hikes, who then experience a very special deceleration through work and time with the animals. We can well imagine that, because the concentration on the animals and nature let everyday thoughts fly by.

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