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Die Inselzeitung 2023

The island is in a great animal mood

Counting sheep under olive trees, or feeding cheeky goats. The great outdoors has fascinated many. However, Mallorca offers even more exciting moments that provide animal fun.

On the move with the donkey

The term “hiking” is met with hesitant interest by many children – if at all. Perhaps parents should add an animal twist to the excursion? This is possible at the organic finca Can Paulino near Llucmajor (www.canpaulino.com). Roswitha and her family offer donkey hikes.

The estate is several hundred years old and has been lovingly restored by the owners. The donkeys were once kept as working animals, were rescued or abandoned at the gates of the finca, nursed back to health, and thus found their new, happy home.

Linda, Freddy, Jesper, or Hubert accompany the children on mindfully guided tours. Before the tour starts, there is always a brief introduction to the animals and what is good for them. In addition to classic hikes, Roswitha also organizes full-day tours to Randa Monastery, including a picnic.

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